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Holiday Scrapbook: A Trip to Canada

Travel Blogging Before The Internet Part 2:

While sorting through our loft, we came across a number of holiday souvenirs from our childhoods. Before the internet we had scrapbooks, postcards, brochures, felt-tipped pens and glue. After a magical trip to the USA, a lucky little girl visited western Canada the following year, visiting Calgary, the Rocky Mountains and Vancouver. Mitch wrote about her travels in her scrapbook: travel blogging before the internet.

In those days children were invited to visit the flight deck and meet the captain – a great memory of a friendly pilot, being amazed at the row upon row of switches in the cockpit and seeing the view from the front of the plane at 30,000 feet.

The trip started in Calgary and involved exploring the sublime region around Banff and Jasper before hopping into a train and spending a couple of days travelling through the Rocky Mountains to reach the Vancouver on the Pacific Coast. We then went on to visit Victoria. It was a a classic Western Canada itinerary and one that we – as a couple (who are much older!) would like to explore together.

(Names have been redacted to protect the innocent, namely my little brother, who got locked in the toilet on the plane and had to be rescued by the cabin crew!)

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  1. It is always great to look back at pictures and mementos from prior trips. That is what travel provides – a lifetime of great memories (and hopefully not too many bad ones). You were clearly meant for travel blogging even at that age (nice information and pictures).

    • Thank you! I can still vividly remember those bears – the black bears were absolutely enormous and totally scared off by a small, juvenile grizzly. It was a life-lesson to discover that grizzly bears can’t climb trees – fortunately one that I’ve never had to use! I do hope you get to see those bears in nature one day.

  2. You certainly did a lot on that trip! I love the simplicity of children’s writing, the facts are stated and we all get it. Interesting to see the comments about the bears eating the rubbish near town, even in those days. I wonder how many of the locations you visited are still there to enjoy.

    • It’s been really interesting looking at the scrapbooks to see how my writing developed. The bears were amazing – I can still recall them vividly as they rifled through the trash cans. The two black bears were terrified of the grizzly. I have a hankering to return to Canada with Colin and to try to revisit these places. Hopefully we will be able to do that and blog from an adult perspective!

  3. That is so cool! It’s awesome to see the early version on blogging lol. Even now that I have a blog myself, there’s something about creating a scrapbook that’s very appealing and personal. I’m trying to get back into creating my own scrapbook for my travels.

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