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Noodle Review: Nissin Instant Noodle Tonkotsu

BRAND: Nissin Instant Noodle
FLAVOUR: Tonkotsu
TYPE: Normal
No. OF SACHETS: Two – Soupbase and Flavour Oil
WEIGHT: 100g
COUNTRY: Hong Kong

Nissin Tonkotsu Instant Noodle Review

On goes the water, up comes a perfect aroma of pork with a hint seasoning, the stock instantly turns milky white and even the very noodles whisper, “Mmmmmmm…” in delight. To hell with the packaging and the sachet notes, you know that the noodles are going to be cooked to perfection (they are Nissin approved and their quality department is second to none) so let’s get down to business – flavour of the soup. Awesome. There is no chilli or pepper heat to speak of, this product is just pure flavour all the way through. Rich pork flavours give way to a pleasant hint of garlic, just enough so that you’d notice its absence in a light stock that is exceptional. But it doesn’t end there, oh no, there are whole sesame seeds that crack like little flavour bombs in your mouth, complemented by the subtle sesame and garlic puree flavoured oil. Simply divine. Nissin Tonkotsu Instant Noodles are unreservedly recommended..

*Retro noodle packet