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Travel Blogging Before the Internet: A Trip to the USA

While sorting through our loft room recently, we came across a number of holiday souvenirs from our childhoods. It seems as though travel blogging was in our stars. In the olden days (as our goddaughter likes to say), you know, when we had three TV channels, used rotary dial telephones and the concept of the world wide web lay in the realms of science fiction, we had scrapbooks, postcards, felt-tipped pens and glue. A very lucky little girl went to America for the first time in 1979. Little did she know then that the trip of a lifetime would become a lifetime of trips.

So, without further ado (with a very brief aside to offer apologies to the goat), please find Mitch’s very first travel pre-blog blog:

Over forty years later, we still keep ticket stubs and brochures as souvenirs. They are slowly filling up our house…

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    • Thank you! It was a real joy finding the scrapbooks and looking through them – it triggered lots of great memories. There is something special about keeping physical souvenirs – photos and stickers etc.

    • Thank you. It was such a pleasure to find the scrapbook and relieve the memories. (And recall some I had forgotten!)

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