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Welcome to Very Tasty World. We are Colin and Mitch from the UK and this is our foodie travel blog. Of the numerous pleasurable things about travel, one of the greatest is getting to sample and enjoy the local food.

Food is more than nutrition. It plays such an important part in so many cultures all over the world. Bringing people together, it often forms a focal point for festivals and celebrations and is fundamental to the expression of cultural identity. 

Please join us on our journey into food and drink from across the globe. This blog is about the places we’ve visited and the food we’ve tasted as well as recipes for dishes that we’ve tried to recreate when we’ve arrived back home.

We post stories of our adventures, travel tips, itineraries and recipes. We’ll also share some information about foraging, growing ingredients, cooking and preserving food. You can see our latest posts below or search by destination or types of food and drink.

Thanks so much for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our very tasty world.

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