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Costa Rica is a wildlife enthusiast’s dream. You can travel across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, encountering cloud forests and volcanoes. Don’t forget to look out for the sloths!

  • RECIPE: How to Make Costa Rica’s Gallo Pinto
    Gallo pinto is Costa Rica’s national dish. It’s hearty and delicious – here’s a recipe. Continue reading
  • Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary – Caño Negro
    Visiting the Costa Rica wildlife sanctuary enjoying a trip on the Río Frío at Caño Negro. Continue reading
  • World’s Best Breakfasts -Breakfast of Champions!
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some of the world’s best breakfasts. And why it’s often okay to go off-menu. Continue reading
  • Love at First Bite – Costa Rica Chocolate
    We had always wondered what the point of mosquitoes actually was. As far as we could see all they do is bite people to suck their blood which causes much irritating itching and, worse, they spread horrible diseases. We might be particularly biased against the nasty little blighters as we seem to be strawberry flavoured to them and are guaranteed to attract any within our vicinity so that they can have a really good feast on us. But it turns out that mosquitoes have a hugely important – and very beneficial – role in the ecosystem: they pollinate chocolate flowers. … Continue reading
  • Turtles Nesting in Tortuguero, Costa Rica
    Warning for no photographs at all. We grew up using film cameras. The ones where you have a maximum of 24 or 36 shots on each roll of film and, once used, you had to wait for weeks for the films to be developed at the laboratory and for the prints to be sent back home. You chose your shot carefully, you composed it, each and every picture was a precious thing. Digital photography is fantastic in so many ways – we would never have taken a picture of our meal using celluloid! – but with such easy access to … Continue reading
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