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Touring Russia without a lengthy visa process, just a little one and for a moderate time on soil.

  • Visa-Free Travel to Russia
    Travel to Russia visa-free: You can’t stay for long but it’s a great opportunity to see the highlights of an amazing country. Continue reading
  • Red Square and Red Soup in Russia
    When we were travelling in Moscow, in between visiting Red Square and the Kremlin, we ate lunch with a local guide who declared, “Russians do not consider a meal to be a meal unless it has soup.” Which seems to be an entirely reasonable sentiment. Borscht isn’t a favourite soup in the UK, largely because beetroot isn’t considered to be a particularly tasty vegetable by many. You are more likely to find it pickled in very sharp vinegar which detracts from the earthly flavour of the beet and sets your teeth on edge. But soup based around beetroot is popular … Continue reading
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