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The gateway to the Galapagos islands

  • A Galapagos Land Based Itinerary
    A cruise is a popular way to see the marvellous Galapagos islands. But what if cruising isn’t for you? Here is a Galapagos land based itinerary. Continue reading
  • Visit Quito, Ecuador
    Ecuador’s capital has plenty to see and there are loads of day trips in the surrounding area as well. Here’s a guide to visiting Quito Continue reading
  • Boobies (and other birds) in the Galapagos
    While most people tend to enjoy a cruise to see the Galapagos Islands they can be a) very expensive and b) not at all fun if you suffer seriously severe seasickness in even the slightest swell. However, it is possible to do land-based tours in these islands and while it’s difficult to avoid boats completely (well, you could, but you would be missing out), there are a number of tours that offer day trips to the closest islands (couple of hours max in a boat) which provide plenty of opportunities to see the amazing … Continue reading
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