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  • Happy, Happy Holi in Nepal
    The festival of colour, Holi, is one of the most delightful and happy festivals. Continue reading
  • Places To Visit In Chitwan, Nepal
    Cooking Tharu Chitwan Nepal The Chitwan area of Nepal is a national park that is located around 100km from Kathmandu. It takes around two to four hours to travel there from the capital (sometimes much longer if the roads are busy – our return journey took 10 hours!) depending on the route. But it’s a pleasantly scenic drive across the Nepalese countryside (we travelled there after spending a night at the Neydo monastery) once you have escaped the busy roads of the capital city. It is possible to fly from Kathmandu but this is a more expensive mode of transport. … Continue reading
  • World’s Best Breakfasts -Breakfast of Champions!
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here are some of the world’s best breakfasts. And why it’s often okay to go off-menu. Continue reading
  • Nepal Momo FOMO
    Nepal momos are delightful dumplings. After spending some time in the country we discovered we had been eating them wrong! Continue reading
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