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  • Happy SinterKlaas – A Celebration of the Netherlands
    The Feast of Sinterklaas is celebrated in the Netherlands, on the 5th and 6th December. Children receive chocolate letters as gifts. Continue reading
  • Super-Vlaai in South Netherlands!
    If you are visiting a home in Limburg in the south of the Netherlands you may well be offered vlaai, a delicious traditional fruit-based tart. Continue reading
  • The House of Bols Amsterdam
    Visit House of Bols in Amsterdam In 1575 the Bols family set up a liquor distillery in Amsterdam. You thought gin was British? Think again! Genever was the juniper flavoured liquor from which gin eventually evolved and is specific to the Netherlands. There are two types: oude (old) and jonge (young). Oude is an older process and distilled from malt, jonge is the later type and contains more grain, giving a lighter flavour rather than the richly developed flavours of the oude. You can visit the House of Bols in Amsterdam which is a combination of a museum and drinking … Continue reading
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