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  • Inside Petra in Jordan
    There are many magnificent archaeological sites in the world and the Rose Red City of Petra is undoubtedly one of the greatest. Continue reading
  • Visiting The Dead Sea In Jordan
    One of the strangest places on the planet, here’s our guide to visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan… and bathing in its hyper-salty waters. Continue reading
  • The Roman Ruins in Jerash, Jordan
    Roman Streets and Sweet Treats The Roman ruins at Jerash Jordan are some of the best preserved in the world. Jerash is within an easy 50-ish km drive of the capital Amman. The site makes for a fascinating day trip; covering a very large area it is possible to wander all over the city. It is definitely worth finding a guide who can point out all the features and explain the history and the architecture, especially as there aren’t many signs or information points, although beware as they may encourage you to buy stuff you don’t really want … Continue reading
  • Jordanian Dessert – Kanafeh at Habibah
    Eating Kanafeh at Habibah in Amman in Jordan. Continue reading
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